Interhouse competition


As part of our commitment to students physical development and to provide each child with their “day in the sun” we have a full and varied sports programme each year.


All students are given a designated house when they enroll in school. These houses compete against each other in a number of different codes throughout the year, the winner receiving laminated trophies with the winning team taking out the annual interhouse shield. All ages of students compete in the lunchtime competition with the house leaders organising and leading the junior classes in their games. Students are invited to dress in house colours for the big events such as Top Teams and Tabloid Games. Our senior buddies assist their junior buddies in many of these events.


This year's events are

Term 1

Top Teams


10/10 Cricket
Touch rugby

Term 2
Netball Table tennis/soccer
Jump jam

Term 3
Singing Miniball/Basketball Jump rope

Term 4
Padder Tennis
T-ball/Softball Tabloid games

Sports Coordinator


We are part of the Temuka Sports Group.  Lessons are based on the new Sports Start programme and utilise the local sports clubs encouraging our students to join these clubs. We also utilise the golf, netball, tennis and cricket development officers to work with students either during PE or at lunchtimes involving as many students as possible that particular sport starting so as to promote students interest in joining local clubs

Students are enjoying the opportunity to compete with other local students in the Temuka Sports Group tournament and interschool competitions in cross country, athletics, swimming and winter/summer tournaments.


Class fitness and PE


Classes have two weekly PE sessions following the school scheme which is based on the Sport start programme.  Daily fitness is undertaken in each classroom as a ten minute session utilising the many games in Sports Start as well as practising core PE skills.




Our swimming programme is taken at the Temuka Domain pool as the water is very warm. The pool space allows us to take all students over a one hour period each day for three weeks at the end of the year and three weeks at the start.  Students are ability grouped and taught the skills listed in the Swim Safe programme with all teachers following the same methods.

Staff undertake PD each year with the Swim Safe instructor to ensure everyone is teaching consistently. Students’ progress is recorded on their swimming certificate in their Portfolio to show their progress over time. 

Water safety makes up a considerable part of this programme as we believe living in a town surrounded by water it is vital that our students can keep themselves safe in the local waterways.




The St Joseph’s Netball Club now runs from our school with the support of the life members of the club. This year we had two competition teams playing in the Timaru Saturday competition, each winning their respective sections of their grades. Teams practice at school and are made up mostly of St Joseph’s students but there is opportunity for girls from other schools to join in.  



We have two teams playing in the weekly SC competition in Timaru coached by staff in the lunch hours. Players are transported by parents who also assist with supervision and management of the teams. We have large numbers of students keen to take part and we have excellent success in the competition.





We have both individual and teams participating in the school local mountain biking competitions, the annual ripper rugby competition, bi–annually in the SC gymnastic festival.

Our students also have the opportunity to represent our school in the many South Canterbury interschool events such as Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming.


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