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St Joseph's Temuka is very positive community to be involved in with fantastic community resources and extremely supportive people. The idea that it takes a "village to raise a child" is very true of a small semi rural Catholic community where we all work together for the allround development of our students.

Our  curriculum is centered around the theme of " In God we learn" and encompasses the main learning areas in an integrated way with our St Mary MacKillop charism flowing through everything we do. Our aim it to develop students who are actively Catholic through being self directed, diverse thinkers who communicate effectively. We use a wide variety of teaching and learning methods as students learn in a wide variety of ways from hands on tasks, through ICT and technological applications, experience based activities outside the classroom, discovery through making, inquiry through questioning there is no one approach that suits all learners.

At St Joseph's we are particularly focused on ensuring each of our students has their "day in the sun", experiencing a wide variety of learning
in all curriculum areas as well as extra curricular opportunities given to ensure that each child has a chance to realise their own particular skill or passion. Whether it be in art, writing, maths, technology, cricket, music each student has a strength in at least one area that we must endeavour to seek out and showcase.

In this website you see written reports, photos and videos capturing teaching and learning as it happens in our school.

If you would like to know more please arrange for a visit. We have students and staff who will proudly show you their school and all it involves.


31 Wilkin Street

Temuka 7920

Tel: 03 615 8206

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