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125 Years Booklet
1883 – 2008 History of St Joseph’s School
125 years! It is important to celebrate occasions such as this, to acknowledge the role and work of a wide range of people throughout the history of the school, to acknowledge the Catholic special character of our school, to affirm the importance of the school’s role in our community and, last but not least, to renew acquaintances and friendships that were part of being a pupil at St Joseph’s Temuka.
The success of our school today reflects the value placed on the special nature of the school by the whole school community, the value of which has been recognised throughout its history.
Click here (6.26MB) to download the St Josephs School Jubilee Book



If your child is to be absent for any reason – please ring our school office (615 8206), or text on 027 615 8206 before 8:50am or send a message to the class teacher before school – giving reason for absence.  This would be appreciated, especially for safety reasons.                                                                                

If we haven’t heard from you, Janette Johnston, our secretary, will endeavour to contact you about the unexplained absence.



All Catholic Schools charge Attendance Dues which are a legally binding charge on all parents and caregivers who have enrolled their children at a Catholic School.   This is payable unless in special circumstances the charge has been waived by the Proprietor of the school for specific issues associated with a family.


In the Christchurch Diocese the Attendance Due charge is $82.50 (Incl GST) per term for each child.  The account is sent out early in the beginning of each term, from the Parish Office and should be paid to them – or it can be dropped off to the school office, then forwarded over to the parish.

Attendance Dues are authorised under the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act and are used to pay for costs associated with the land and buildings for the Catholic Primary Schools in the Diocese.

At the same time as the first term’s Attendance Dues account is sent out, the Catholic Education Office requests parents and caregivers to pay the Diocesan Catholic Special Character Contribution.  This is collected on behalf of the Catholic Education Office and is used to cover costs associated with the provision and delivery of professional development and advisory services in support of Catholic Special Character in Catholic primary schools in the Diocese.  The Diocesan Catholic Special Character Contribution is $10 per term for each child. This financial contribution is a tax deductible donation.

Where a parent has four or more Preference children at a Catholic Primary School their attendance dues invoice will be for three children only, i.e. the fourth child, and any further children, will not be charged for attendance dues.


Buddy System

All New Entrants have a Yr 7-8 buddy who works with them 1/2 hour each week to develop and individual skill.  The senior buddies also assist their juniors at whole school sports and cultural events.

Dental Care
Children attend the Temuka Dental Clinic. A new mobile check-up clinic is now in use and will visit the school each year for whole-school pupil checks.
The Dental Nurse may be contacted at this Phone Number - 615 7219 or 615 0005

Events During the Year
During the year you will read in the newsletter of all sorts of events. The ones listed below happen annually. Others may only occur once, so are not listed.

Term One
Top teams - Interhouse event
Swimming sports Yr 4-5 /Junior school swimming demonstration -  Week 5
Whole school triathalon - March
Interschool Triathalon- Late March
Pleasant Point Mountain bike race Sunday in February
Police team challenge- Early March
Top Schools - Early march
School Mass and welcome BBQ- Early March
Milo Cricket tournament
Summer Tournament - Yr 5 - Yr 8 only. Children play a mixture of summer sports at various venues.
St Joseph’s Day - March 19 MacKillop Cup cricket
Art Exhibition - April

Term Two
Cross Country - Children run various distances with varying degrees of difficulty. The venue often changes from year to year. Sports uniform is necessary for this.
School mass- Mid term
Young Leaders day in CHCH - Yr 8
Whole school musical Late Term 2

Term Three
Winter Sports Tournament - Usually September. Same procedure as for summer sports.
Gymnastics Festival - with other local schools to produce a Music Festival/Gym.
Jump Jam competition

Term Four
Athletic Sports - We join with other local schools for this at the Domain.
Events During The Year  
Mission Fundraiser - Held each year during October. The Yr 7&8 pupils lead this event afetr Sunday mass with the commmunity donating goods and attending the fair with your children.

Other Events
Theme Weeks - Each year the school has special focuses that the whole school work together on. In the past we have had Art weeks, Book weeks, Technology weeks etc.
Parent Education nights - term 2 and 3 showing parents what learning looks like on the Classroom In numeracy and Literacy.
Fund Raising Events
Term One -  Easter Raffle
Term Two - Lip Sync held in June
Term Three- Amazing race/Spud in a Bucket
Term Four - Cow Bingo/ Raffle

Fruit in Schools
Students receive a piece of fruit each day to eat in class time over and above what is in their lunches. We have supervised eating of fruit in classrooms each day.

We have a homework challenge system for Years 5-8 where students choose from ‘smart’ categories and negotiate what their challenge will look like.

Healthy Eating: The school encourages healthy eating habits. All families have, or will receive when starting at St Joseph’s, a folder containing lots of healthy and nutritious ideas for lunches and snacks.
Kai-warmer: Children may heat food (pies, toasties etc) in the food-warmer which is between Rm 6 & 7. Please ensure food is heated, is appropriately wrapped and named for easy identification.
Temuka On The Spot: Pies, sandwiches, filled rolls etc are available every week day morning. List of these items and prices available at our office. Orders to be made out as below.

Temuka On The Spot – Monday to Friday, orders placed at the school office.  Lunches delivered.


Combo 1          Bread roll—chicken or ham

Combo 2          Sandwich—chicken or ham

Combo 3          Big Bite Pie—mince, mince & cheese, steak & cheese, potato top, or twin pack sausage roll,

                          125g yoghurt, doritos chips


Subway - Friday Only

To be ordered online before 10am and lunches delivered to school.


Managing a Safe Culture
Expectations for student behaviour are all based on our Mary MacKillop values emcompassed in " Doing the right thing".

Our office is open each morning from 8:30am to 2.30pm.  Staff are onsite on from 8.00am until 5.00pm. 
If you have any queries it is best to ring during these hours, although we have “Call Minder” on our phone for calls outside these hours and when no one is in/near the office.
Mrs Janette Johnston is our secretary.

Religious Education Resource
This is used by the Board of Trustees to supplement/subsidise the cost of the digital Religious Education resource required for the delivery of the NZ Catholic Bishops’ Conference mandatory primary school Religious Education programme.  

Reporting to Parents
Parents are invited to discuss any problems that they have with their child by appointment - Phone 615 8206.
Parent/pupil/teacher interviews are held twice a year – in February and again later in the year.
Students portfolios, which include a cumulative file as well as samples of students work, are sent home at the end of Terms 1 and 2, and early in Term 4.
A summative report is sent home at the end of the year.
Parents are welcome to arrange times to meet with a class teacher on other occasions.

Structure of the School day
School opens at 8:55am. Classes are dismissed at 3:00pm.
Morning interval is from 11:00am to 11:25am.
Lunch hour is taken from 12:30pm to 1:30pm.
Children are free to go home for lunch provided they have the permission of the class and duty teacher.
Children may arrive at school from 8:30am.

Swimming Programme
We have a whole school programme which takes place in terms 1 and 4. This programme is taken at the Temuka Domain pool with all students being ability grouped and being taught as based on the skills progression from the NZ Swinsafe programme. 

The children are issued with stationery list at the end of the school year, so that items can be purchased before the new school year. Our local Village Post Shop has made up class packs at the beginning of the year.
School costs which include an annual contribution for Religious Education Resources, Curriculum Resource contribution, Senior diaries and Student Activities will be sent home in the first few weeks.
During the year children may require more stationery but the class teacher will notify you of this to be purchased outside of school.

Technology:  Year 7 & 8
The Year 7 & 8 pupils go to Opihi College in Temuka. They have the opportunity to learn - Food Technology, Wood Technology and Fabric Technology over a two year period.




Summer pinafores, skirts, cullotes, winter pinafores, jerseys, socks and sports uniform available to purchase from the school uniform room – phone Cathy Blogg, 027 509 4789.  Order in advance if possible.


  • Pinafore or Culottes (with Box Pleats) Year 1-6

  • Skirt or Culottes Year 7 & 8

  • Maroon V neck woollen or merino jersey

  • White long sleeved blouse or skivvy

  • Navy kneed high socks or navy tights

  • Black plain leather-type low-cut, low-heeled school shoes


  • Summer dress, skirt or culottes (with navy polo shirt)

  • Year 7 & 8 girls – skirt or culottes (with navy polo shirt)

  • Maroon V neck woollen jersey or merino v neck jersey

  • Navy blue socks

  • Black plain sandals (optional) may be worn without socks or Black leather-type low cut low heeled shoes (navy socks optional)

  • Navy wide brimmed hat



Shirts, shorts, trousers and skivvies available from Postie Plus or The Warehouse.
Jerseys and sports uniform – order through Cathy Blogg, 027 509 4789 – order in advance if possible. 


  • Grey long sleeved shirt or skivvy

  • Maroon V neck woollen or merino jersey

  • Grey winter shorts/Option – Grey Poly

  • Viscose permanent press trousers

  • Grey socks with blue & maroon stripes

  • Black plain leather low-cut shoes or black plain leather low-cut laceup shoes. 


  • Maroon V neck woollen or merino jersey

  • Navy Polo Shirt

  • Grey summer shorts

  • Plain navy blue short socks

  • Black plain sandals (socks optional)

  • Navy wide brimmed hat



Ordered through Cathy Blogg, 027 509 4789 – order in advance if possible.  Plain black tracksuit pants (optional)


General School Uniform Information 
The Warehouse run a payback scheme of 10% loyalty to school programme when buying items from them – just let them know what school you are from.
If any family is experiencing difficulties meeting these requirements, please approach the principal in confidence.

Beanies / Hair / Jewellery
Long hair to be clipped or fastened off face. 
No jewellery to be worn at school – apart from watches and Medic Alert bracelet.  If a child has pierced ears - only studs to be worn. 

Please - have all uniform items named.

For information on second hand uniform items – phone Cathy Blogg, 027 509 4789.

Wheels Day
Each Thursday, pupils are permitted to bring to school ~ bikes, skateboards or roller blades for use at morning interval and lunch time. Younger pupils will need to have bikes delivered to school and picked up afterwards. Bike helmets are necessary if bikes are used. This is another way we use to encourage pupils to be physically active



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Tel: 03 615 8206

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