Friends of St Joseph's

Our Friends of St Joseph's group is made of parents who work in support of our school.  They primarily organise fund raising events for all families to be involved in providing learning opportunities that the school budget cannot cover.  The group also support parent gatherings whether it be a cuppa after school mass each term or supper for parent information nights.  There is also a pastoral coordinator who coordinates donations of food or other services to assist families in the parish in times of need.

Being part of this team is an excellent way for parents to "do their bit" as well as meet other parents in our school.

The main fundraising ventures have been:


Temuka Colour Canter


Movie Night

Term 2 & 3 sausage sizzle

Ethel & Bethel night


31 Wilkin Street

Temuka 7920
Tel: 03 615 8206

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